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Blake's 7 guests were Paul Darrow, Michael Keating and Janet Lees Price. NOTE: please keep in mind that this was a very complicated issue, and that there are many versions of what happened; the comments below illustrate some of the differing telling of events.

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In 1988 I nearly went to Zen Con II in Melbourne, Australia, unfortunately I missed it. Maybe Avon: A Terrible Aspect was about Darrow re-affirming his heterosexual manhood in no uncertain terms. As I've written before, I didn't like what he showed me.

However, during that convention (not necessarily because of the convention, but I think I have some documentation somewhere if anyone's interested) a great upset occurred between the Darrows and some fan writers who wrote slash fiction. The information I had came from when he attended a convention here in Australia. Some bright fan handed him a slash zine, which had Darrow/Thomas slash in it and asked both he and his wife to autograph it.

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