Xbox 360 nxe not updating

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You have to walk over to your PC and place the movies into your queue to watch them.Once you have finished queuing up your list, only then are you able to view them on your Xbox 360.Im happy with Netflix just like it is .just saying that the people complaining should wait because its coming .who knows if its out before Home :p "Defeats the purpose"? jkoz, I play EVERYTHING on my TV from my PC, TV Shows, Movies, emulators/games on my 42" 1080p HDTV. My sister and several friends now do the same (I set them up, cost ~ 15$ for the cables.

To put it another way..difference between Fallout 3 on ps3 and 360 are greater than between a Bluray and a streamed HD movie.Like I watch shows on my PS3 through the browser so I can watch it on the big screen.My only concern is that people might get a Netflix subscription for this thinking the entire Netflix library is going to be available.Streaming to the 360 should be treated as a bonus for ppl with a Netflix subscription not a reason to sign up. I think the benefit far outweighs the downside (if any, really). Perhaps, I don't want to buy another PC just for this purpose....It's more work than it should be, and more work on the user than was advertised. Netflix is a value added service, you ain't paying extra for it so quit whining!

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