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The confirmed line-up of speakers includes writer and Wiccan high priestess Kate West, UK’s history expert on Witchcraft Professor Ronald Hutton, medium and astrologer David Wells, and many more.

There is also a high expectation on the workshops topics and live entertainment.

“There is a vibrant witch community in Croydon with the local gatherings operating for over ten years.

Worst of all I already saw a group of people seated next to each other and talking trough some group text message. And that’s coming from someone, who prefers to write…

Recently I’ve became aware that I’ll be just like him when I get to his age.

Nowadays there’s social media for everything, there’s probably a new app everyday, and I’m on everything that I know, I’ve a Facebook account, Linked In, twitter, instagram, Word Press (with 1001 blogs associated) blogger account (I don’t even remember my username), You Tube, periscope,snapchat, (and how the hell does snapshat works? ), tumblr,flikr,pinterest, periscope, stampsy, and that’s only the one’s I remember.

The Wicthfest is held by an organisation called Children of Artemis, a UK non-profit and volunteer based organisation.

It was founded in 1995 and has now grown into a large organisation with over six thousand paid members.

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