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That way you can get it all set up before you both officially arrive.

People born in the Year of the Rooster are honest, observant and hardworking.

When we woke the next morning breakfast was waiting for us. 🙂(Since I had both Friday and Saturday to work with, I decided to carry the adventure into the next day.

Surely you could finish out your evening with all seven clues. )Dom had gotten Clue #6 the night before but he wasn’t allowed to open it until the next morning. While we were getting ready we snapped a few pictures………Our Lion King tickets!!! I totally splurged because it was one of the elements of my date that I wanted to include.

I just gathered the items, filled up a good size basket, tossed in some artificial rose petals, wrapped it in cellophane and threw a ribbon around it! But don’t you worry after a few passes later and I finally pointed him in the right direction. Thank goodness for Ross and a price tag of only .99! Maybe you’re lucky enough to already own one of these little numbers. 😉 At this point it was time for us to pack up and get ready for our night out! Because of this predicament, we’ll just have to wait. We set the mood by listening to The Lion King soundtrack.*If you are doing this date at home put in a jungle-themed CD and do some dancing!

Either way, gift it to him in some kind of fashion. So I wrote this on the envelope of Clue #5:“Watch out! But don’t you worry, we’ll be on the road before 8. We headed to dinner and then to our hotel for the rest of the evening.

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