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In the summer months Friendship Circle offers summer camps and a number of other fun activities.

Lessons for Life fills the gap between classroom learning and real world experiences by teaching life skills using a 5,000 square-foot, true-to-life cityscape.

Friendship Circle is a nonprofit organization that pairs teen volunteers with an individual with special needs.

Together, they form a lasting friendship and participate in one of our 40 weekly and seasonal programs.

Sharon Sayles Belton is recognized in our community as an influential activist, politician and leader through her career and community work.

She was the first African American and first woman to be elected mayor of the city of Minneapolis.

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Every year, we leverage our expertise and knowledge to deliver innovative programs and passionate advocacy in education, racial justice and wellness, creating a positive impact on the lives of over 30,000 people in our community.

Each student is paired with a one-on-one volunteer which enables students to learn at their own pace with individualized curriculums. Teachers design curricula to meet each student’s current level and learning style.

This program offers a unique opportunity for children to gain from group activities while still receiving one-on-one attention from their volunteers.

The outings are planned to give participants exposure to outdoor exploration, music, swimming, art, and social excursions.

Pathfinders takes place outside of Friendship Circle, giving participants the opportunity to socialize with their peers, practice social interactions with community members, learn life skills and have fun!

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