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Apple Air Port routers use this to connect a WPS printer to the network.There is also another mode of WPS operation, not shown above.In this case the button is virtual but many WPS capable routers have a physical button, which the warning above references.Like a Bluetooth pairing, this type of WPS pairing is only active for a minute or so before it times out.A visitor to your home/office illustrates one aspect of why WPS is a bad idea The visitor only needs to turn your router upside down, take a cellphone picture of the label on the bottom and they can, thereafter, get into your Wi Fi network. This is mode that gave the protocol its name: Wi Fi Protected Setup and it is not the operating mode with the security problem.The WPS password (they use a different term, but its a password) on the router label is the equivalent of a get out of jail card in Monopoly. Three other operating modes allow a new Wi Fi client to logon to an existing Wi Fi network.It is the latest mode: NFC or Near Field Communication.If both the router and the wireless device support NFC then you can get on a wireless network just by touching the device to the router.

I think there used to be yet another mode, that used a USB flash drive to transfer network configuration information.This mode too, does not have security problems as you first have to login to the router to use it.I have also seen this referred to as Client PIN mode.Six of the nine do not support WPS, which I take as progress considering that the devices are targeted at consumers.The three that do support WPS are the Netgear Orbi, Amped Wireless Ally and Luma.

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