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The snag-him secret: Resist the temptation to write about the kind of guy you don't want.For every 10 losers who send you a message or a wink, there's might be one guy who deserves a chance.A slideshow of headshots on a white background won't do that. We (Oath) and our partners need your consent to access your device, set cookies, and use your data, including your location, to understand your interests, provide relevant ads and measure their effectiveness.Oath will also provide relevant ads to you on our partners' products.To give you a better overall experience, we want to provide relevant ads that are more useful to you.The snag-him secret: Not only should you leave a few details out, but you might also want to consider stretching the truth in some cases.We're not telling you to say you're a model who works for the Red Cross, but sometimes it pays to tell a white lie.

But leaving out interesting info, like how you're awesome at snowboarding or speak two languages, results in a lackluster first impression.Plus, guys have learned to dismiss those generic descriptions since they've been on dates with women who describe themselves the same way but are total duds in person. So instead of writing that you're adventurous, make him really believe it by including a story about that time you took a spontaneous trip to the beach with girlfriends and swam with dolphins.Not only does this approach make you seem a hell of a lot more interesting, but it also gives guys an easy icebreaker.And make sure to include a few photos of you in your natural environment — hanging out at a BBQ or cuddling with your dog.Your pictures should tell a story — just like what you write – and show off your personality.

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