Wpf combobox binding selecteditem not updating

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In the next example, I've re-used the data bound Combo Box example, but added some buttons for controlling the selection.I've also used the Selection Changed event to capture when the selected item is changed, either by code or by the user, and act on it.If picked from the list, it simply overwrites the text of the Combo Box.

In the first example we only showed text in the items, which is pretty common for the Combo Box control, but since the Combo Box Item is a Content Control, we can actually use pretty much anything as content. It might be an idea for you to take a look at the Difference between Selected Item, Selected Value and Selected Value Path post here for an explanation of these properties.Try this: As I can't see all of your code, I cannot tell you what you are doing wrong.The code in the View Model first creates the List, and then creates a Collection View based on that list.This allows us to set the Current Item from the View Model as well as get notified whenever the Current Item changes.

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