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From here I can check a box beside each to turn them on or off, and if I select a file, information about it appears in the status bar of this Window.If I turn a File off, its text colour is supposed to appear light grey in the List View, but it does not do this automatically; I have to close the Window and re-open it.I think the basic idea is that an entity in his system which is not “started” will be displayed as a “Start” button, and an entity which has already “started” will be displayed as a “Stop” button.Each button’s Command is set to a custom command to “start” or “stop” the entity, and the button’s Command Parameter is bound to the entity itself.Suppose that an entity which has “started” is suddenly “stopped” by some part of the application.Let’s say that the object’s Is Running property is set from true to false.

My XAML code for the status item is like this: why dont you use a datatrigger for your listbox item?

I've made a program which stores any number of objects of my type Project.

Each Project then contains any number of Files, which is another object I created for this program.

Since the Content Presenter does not notice any property changes on the object, the entity’s button will continue to display “Stop” instead of changing to display “Start.” That’s a bug in the application (not the platform).

The million dollar question is: how can one fix it?

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