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5'10" tall 132lbs short dirty blonde hair browneyes amature skateboarder[skating for 10years] teach guitar lessons hate school love drawing and writing/playing music good with electronics[can fix an elecrical problem] handyman write lyrics myspace user yaeh thats all i can think of For 12-14 year olds based on the following description would you consider dating me?

dude, girls would care for your age..never even stated it. For 12-14 year olds based on the following description would you consider dating me?

So I'm just wondering Askmen am I in the wrong?

Would you ever date a girl with herpes My wife has the cold sores on the face strain, and in 10 years I haven't caught it.

So basically you're throwing your friendship out of the window and you don't give a f*ck about it.

But say if one of your friends confessed their feelings for you, are you saying you wouldn't consider it?

Can't believe this has to be stated but apparently it does: Friends don't give friends shit for not wanting STDs. Even if you don't care about the disease itself (since it's relatively mild, and can be managed with medication), you've severely limited your future dating pool. Herpes does not affect you emotionally or mentally anymore than any other permanent disease or condition would.

That in and of itself is a good reason not to be okay with dating someone with herpes. In fact, it's a lot like a physical scar in terms of its seriousness and effect on your daily life.

I feel like girls are quicker to put you in the friend zone and then you stay there forever whereas with guys they'd go for anyone who showed an interest in them. And even If I liked 1 or 2 of my friends I would never do anything with them.

simply because once you do something you're not friends anymore.

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