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The final category, dating opportunities, is comprised of the number of singles, gender balance and online dating opportunities.

First analyzed nearly 100,000 interactions between its users to locate cities that show the most love to women that self-identify as “curvy”.

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The study also reveals lowest and highest average beer and wine prices (New York is the second highest behind Seattle), as well as movie costs and rent.

And we discovered that there is love for them all over the country.

Full-figured women should double-down their online dating resources in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This once celebrated center of the American automobile industry did experience an influx of poverty, crime, and exodus of city residents from 2008 to 2010.

However, the Detroit of today is experiencing a million dollar revitalization, with abandoned buildings undergoing commercial real estate developments, young couples, community gardens, and new businesses breathing new life into the area.

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