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It gets stuck looking for a 004f2e43b97file not found.

Q VLANID I have 242 options set to "MCIPADD=x.x.x.x, MCPORT=1719, HTTPSRVR=x.x.x.x" and verified that the phone is pulling this information in.

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By pressing "* to prgram" at initial boot, the # key enables the following values to be seen (will show if/what it has pulled in from DHCP) Phone (IP) Call Sv Call Sv Port Router Mask File Sv File Sv Type Boot Server User name Boot Server Password 8021.Thnx =) Glann C, can you paste your DHCP Server 242 options for the subnet your 1692 is on?I'm having some trouble too, but I think you've got further than me.If you're single in South Dakota and looking to find Mr or Ms Right, then sign up today and meet our network of singles from South Dakota and nearby.Many people feel that only the dregs of society or the most desperate of people go to these free dating sites because they are “undateable.” That is a complete fallacy and a little offending, if truth be told.

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