Womens feet fetish dating

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The mere mention of the word “fantasy” arouses thoughts of threesomes, buxom blondes, and role-playing. “If you think of a fetish that’s a 10-out-of-10 level of intensity—someone in chains on an iron cross in their basement—it might seem really strange and uncommon,” says Scott Jacobey, Ph. The reality: A fetish is just a specific type of fantasy—and one that more people have than you probably realize.D., a sex therapist who specializes in alternative sexual behaviors.Related Video: ​ ​ “But if you take the same fetish down to a level 2—a partner saying, ‘Why don’t you tie my wrists to the bedpost?Simply suggest positions, like doggy style or reverse cowgirl, that allow easy access to her butt—then if she’s cool with it, give that booty a slap. Let us guess: You’re a dominating guy outside the bedroom.

“That might be safer and easier than, say, masturbating with the shoe.” Related: 5 Excuses for When You’re Caught Masturbating ,” says Jacobey. “As a child or young person, that could have been the only part of the person’s body someone had access to,” says Sitron, “The foot became eroticized.” Make it happen: The good news: This fetish may not be as freaky to a woman as some others, since the object of desire is still a part of her.“If people feel powerful and have an authoritarian position in their job or family, they often seek something very different.” Bondage may not seem like a true fetish, but that’s probably just because it’s become more mainstream. Still, some psychologists argue that act of bondage is simply a convenient forum for often-eroticized objects, like leather.“Culturally, leather has a lot of power,” says Sitron.Make it happen: If it’s the whole female-power thing that excites you, ask your girlfriend if you can pick the heels she wears out on date night, then choose the shoes that turn you on the most, suggests Sitron.And if you hook up afterward, ask her to leave the stilettos on.

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