William moseley dating alexa hamilton dating for motorcycle lovers

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But i personaly think that him and Georgie Henley would make a cute couple.But I think Georgie is kinda young for Skandar but who knows.they like your sister He was dating normal girl named Katie Brown but he broke up with her because he found her cheating on him. No , He is Currently Single He Wants to do more Work Before Settling Down.No I read that he is dating the Producer's (Mark Jonhson) niece.Since Kesley is together with him and this time she is providing with her full support for the program.

Actors will sometimes attend premieres of movies they starred in and you could try approaching him then.

He mentioned “Change the Odds” itself title shows the faith towards the people.

His long term affair Kesley Asbille is also happy and helping him with his project.

Correction- he was dating the producer's neice and apparently it got fairly serious, however, I believe that NOW, he is single. Anna Popplewell started of dating Rollo Weeks and then moved on to being William moseley's girlfriend (the guy who plays peter in NArnia) and now she's with Skander Kyes who played Edmund in Narnia. Skandar Keynes younger than Anna Popplewell.....I am not sure of William Moseley is Anna's boyfriend.....

Taurus Sheepscombe, Gloucestershire, England William schooled at Sheepscombe Primary School and after graduating in 1998, he studied at Wycliffe College.

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