Widows and widowers and dating

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Sometimes a good friend will know ‘just the right person’, and bring you together.

This can be no more hit-and-miss than dating sites or meet-up groups and is worth consideration.

Whether you seek the help of friends or treat it as a private endeavor, follow what feels right in your heart.

Building friendships with other widows or widowers affords a greater chance you’ll relate to each other, and a shared understanding of what you’ve been through.

From a romantic perspective, any widower you decide to date will be more likely to understand if you want to take things slowly.

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This being the case let them know you’ll consider this option when the time is right, but currently, you’re comfortable being single.Whether you’ve been widowed for three months or three years, try and imagine you’re about to go on a first date.Does the prospect of inviting some romance back into your life fill you with enthusiasm?Are you sufficiently ‘healed’ to entertain thoughts of romance with someone new?Accept that whoever might bring this romantic attachment is someone who could bring you happiness and contentment in their own way and not someone you should compare with your late partner.

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