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In 2388, Benson becomes the court-appointed custodial guardian of Noah Porter, an orphaned baby.

The appointment is for a trial period of one year, with the option to apply for legal adoption at the end of that period; although the year is rocky due to Noah's health issues and the demands of her job, Benson formally adopts Noah a year later.

Olivia Benson was born on January 13th, 2338 on Earth to Serena Benson.

She was the product of the 2338 rape of Serena Benson by a food salesman named Joseph Hollister. Benson and Serena seemed to care about each other a great deal.

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This time they were able to arrest former Starfleet Lieutenant Milo Surgant and former Cardassian Glinn Betras.After arguing with ADA Sonya Paxton about alcoholism and seeing her drunk in court, she was moved to leave flowers at her mother's grave. She didn't find out about her brother until they were both adults after she illegally ran her DNA through a kinship analysis.Serena died from injuries sustained in a fall when she was drunk in 2367 across from a bar, which left Olivia deeply saddened.After Elliot's resignation, Olivia partnered primarily with Nick Amaro before she became a Sergeant and took over the SVU unit from Captain Donald Cragen. When she was a detective, her badge number was 4015.When she was a sergeant, her badge number was 01139 and as a lieutenant, she no longer has a badge number. She was the product of the rape of Serena Benson in the spring of 2338 by a food salesman named Joseph Hollister, who later committed suicide.

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