Who is jorge garcia dating

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After the demise of his dad, Humberto Garcia, his family member includes mom named Dora Mesa and sister.His mother was a professor, and his father was a doctor.From the look of social media updates, it seems like, they got engaged in the year 2018.As of now, Jorge is enjoying his romantic married life with his wife.Alba seems to stop by the Marbella gift shop, Seashells, often, as she gets a frequent shopper discount from Jorge.He asks her how things are going at home and, while hesitant, Alba affirms things are good.

She works there for 3 years, side by side with Jorge, and learns that he has a girlfriend.Surrounded by close friends and family, the couple tied the knot and were officially labeled as husband and wife.Sticking to his comical roots, Jorge donned a gorilla mask after the nuptials and also made his best men don gorilla masks.She's at the hotel also to see Jane, and when Alba's nursing client complains, Jorge charms her and mediates, which Alba notices, looking smitten.After getting advice from Xo on changing careers now that she has her green card, Alba reveals to the girls that she's a new shop assistant at Seashells.

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