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That sort of résumé makes Favreau’s job simultaneously “the worst and the best job in political speechwriting,” as one writer put it.Less than a year in, it isn’t getting any easier: healthcare; Afghanistan; Wall Street; 120,000 troops still in Iraq. In early 2008, after Obama had pulled off the stunning victory in Iowa and the battle moved to New Hampshire, Clinton borrowed a phrase from former New York Governor Mario Cuomo.And though this month’s State of the Union address may be able to present a rosier picture of the economy, it will be delivered to a nation in which one in 10 workers doesn’t have a job. “You campaign with poetry,” Clinton said, “but you govern with prose.” At the time, Clinton was trying to defend her own speaking style, her lack of rhetorical flourish.But it was also a clear indictment of Obama, the first time an opponent had pointed out that the man’s greatest asset—those words, that speechmaking—could also be a liability.

“I think that [Obama is] a remarkable speaker,” Sorensen said, “but his speeches are still largely in campaign mode.” By the time of the November elections, when Obama unsuccessfully stumped for incumbent Democratic governors in New Jersey and Virginia, the idea had surfaced in the pages of the , the ultimate arbiter of conventional wisdom. ” It seems appropriate that a president who wanted to be a writer would choose a speechwriter who wanted to be a politician.

“The limits of rhetoric were on display last week when the president could not rescue two foundering candidates in governor’s races,” writer Peter Baker observed. The Favreau family settled around Manchester, New Hampshire. Favreau, was elected as a Republican to the state legislature.

One of his sons would become the Manchester chief of police.

Outside the Obamas’ marriage, perhaps no White House relationship has been the source of as much fascination as the president’s bond with his head of speechwriting.

Some of it has to do with Favreau’s youth, of course (he’s 28), and some of it has to do with Favreau’s physical appearance.

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