Who is gilbert arenas dating

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He met Govan for the very first time during the time he used to play for the warriors.

Arena’s one of the cousins is a popular and professional football player named Javier Arenas.

Therefore, there is no rumor or controversy so far related to Gilbert Arenas issues.

Gilbert fans have also declared him as a goal oriented person.

Gilbert is an outstanding player having an awesome body that attracts a number of people across. Gilbert is highly sophisticated among his relationship matters.

Gilbert Arenas is one of the accomplished basketball players. He is often called out with his nick name “Agent Zero”. Within San Fernando Valley he was raised and started playing basketball within the section of Los Angeles. He played with Richard Jefferson, who was soon going to be a NBA player in near future.

The three-time NBA All-Star initiated his career playing for Grant High School team and later his unbelievable playing skills led him to vote as the NBA Most Improved Player in the 2002–03 season. The reason behind this name can also be the former jersey number that he used to put on. The second pick within the second round finally drafted him towards the Golden State Warriors.

Finally, Draya is clapping back and telling folks to stay out of her business!

For years now it has been rumored that Draya’s first-born son Kniko, was the product of an affair with former NBA player and Laura Govan’s baby’s father, Gilbert Arenas.

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