Who is david o russell dating

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“I love sending my friends to talk to [the students],” he acknowledges.

“I’ve gotten Tracy Morgan, Jessica Biel, Amy Adams, James Marsden, Jim Carrey, Mark Wahlberg and Robert De Niro [involved]; they’ve all done things for the school.” Contrary to assumptions, Russell doesn’t snap his fingers like a genie and the A-list appears instantly.

As it goes with many worthy causes, securing a “yes” from top-flight Hollywood players takes effort and tenacity.

“Asking always takes a long time, but I’m used to that,” he declares.

began to hit headlines in 2008, when filming was interrupted by a string of set-backs.

The first was the departure of actor James Caan, who'd reportedly walked off the South Carolina set following an argument with Russell.

Because she doesn't have medical insurance, Alice (Biel) can't afford to undergo the operation to remove the offending nail, so she heads to Washington to campaign for better health care, where she meets a sleazy politician (Gyllenhaal).

At the same time, she battles the psychological effects (including mood swings and spontaneous sexual urges) brought on by her injury.

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I was kind of their connection to Hollywood.” He hasn’t been shy about asking other famous pals to help.

saga takes in Oscar-nominated director David O Russell, dodgy financiers, multiple production shut-downs, cast walk-outs and questionable name changes.

Until recently, it looked as though the film would never see the light of day at all. It's about a waitress named Alice, who's accidentally shot in the head with a nail gun when a workman falls off a ladder.

Nevertheless, a rough cut of was put together, and test screened in Los Angeles on the 1st March 2011.

Bizarrely, nobody bothered to tell the cast and crew - even though David O Russell's name appeared on the screening invite as "From David O'Russell [sic]".

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