Who is daisy hoya dating

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Because I had strong, true, real feelings for him right away. The contestant was going to receive a chain, but was eliminated.After London and Weasel fall asleep, the guys decide to sabotage Weasel by drawing on his face.She also accuses London of only being with her for her fame, and using her to get his band more popular.So I have waited quite some time to post this blog, mainly because I have to been trying to find the right words.According to Daisy, she and London are no longer together for many reasons.The main one being the fact that London got another girl pregnant.To be perfectly honest I never really set out to find love. But I mean, what ARE the chances of finding “actual” true love on a reality show?Well I find it very ironic that out of all the guys that were auditioned to be on my show….

Daisy blogged on 09/18/09 about her update with London, and painted a not so pretty story.

they choose the one that I totally fell had over heels for.

I felt like everything was getting to Josh, The cameras, was it fake or real?

Things got very complicated after the show stopped filming.

In fact one might be able to say that the drama never ended.

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