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Albert também lançou quatro álbuns e um EP em carreira solo.

Criado em Los Angeles, estudou no L'Institut Le Rosey onde conheceu Julian Casablancas, que anos depois o chamou para os Strokes.

The Strokes are to the music weekly NME what Posh and Becks are to Heat magazine: their raison d'etre.

Already part of the architecture of modern music, they have been credited with revivifying the moribund concept of the cool guitar band, which had been mouldering under the damp baggy T-shirt of dance music, the dead hand of Oasis and their ilk and, in America especially, the long shadow cast by Kurt Cobain's 1994 suicide.

It was her birthday, though.'I don't care,' Casablancas snorts boozily. Britain fell for their stripped-back, sexed-up rock'n'style first.

Is This It, the most lauded and influential debut album since 1989's The Stone Roses, sold two million copies.

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