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READ MORE: Killer Mike offers kids free haircuts as they head back to school While most men don’t have this extreme psychological complex, shades of the , but the messaging is still the same: some women deserve to be treated and respected as human beings while others deserve to be treated like objects to own and direct.

If you are a man who speaks to women as if only specific “types” of women deserve basic humanity, that is definitely your cue to keep your opinions to yourself.

In the times where I blurred the line, the relationship didn’t work out.

So I advise women (and brothers can get made at me or whatever! Many times for men, if you are cool with it [cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping] then I’m cool with it.

But the right woman will help a man in his career also. Because a woman that believes in her man and supports him, he’ll do almost anything to make sure she is happy.

I’m really grateful that Devon and Meagan are using their voices and platforms and sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly about relationships and the power that comes from honoring God.

Because you can still preserve the idea of letting a man ask you out.

But let him know, if he were to ask…that he wouldn’t be rejected. Guys can be dense.”De Von added that one of the most attractive things a woman can do is make a man feel protected in his career.

(Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images) wedding rings are exchanged.I was making him the priority, versus the things I needed to be doing in my career.I found myself acting like a wife without being one, but when situations when come up and I expected to be treated a certain way…I didn’t get that consideration in return.Somehow when it comes to gender, Black men often pull out their own checklist for Black women before giving us that same respect. Save yourself the headache of getting cussed out by a sister who is hip to your reindeer games and locked and loaded to shut you down.Piggybacking on the last point, men often don’t realize that they advise women under the premise that “good girls” deserve respect, while “bad girls” deserve whatever they get.

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