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(Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alberta)A summary diagram, which illustrates the meteorite distribution, local sample sites and auger holes, ejecta blanket, and the proposed flight path of the impactor.Grid spacing is 50 m (Kofman et al – Meteoritics & Planetary Science 2010).The smaller size of the Whitecourt hypervelocity impactor (approximately 1 metre diameter upon impact) is unusual as there are surviving meteorites elsewhere several times larger than this that did not cause an explosive (E = 1/2 mv²) type crater.

Cross sections of the ejecta blanket along 038° and 110° with a reference figure showing the location of the sections.From the bus “drop off point”, a guided hike of over a couple of kilometres brought us to the rim of the crater. While we were inside the crater I logged the LAT/LONG coordinates of the point of impact in my GPS.I did this to facilitate finding the crater from the air.In contrast, this relatively small Whitecourt meteorite retained enough energy to explode on contact vaporizing much of the original meteoroid and forming the crater and associated shrapnel (from a conversation with Dr. Copyright the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alberta.CENTEMETRE SCALEThe largest Whitecourt meteorite presently discovered (a second view), a regmaglypted individual found in October 2010. J., 2008, The Discovery of a Late Holocene Impact Crater Near Whitecourt Alberta: 71st Meeting of the Meteoritical Society, 2008.

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