White people dating

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Asian Americans still face discrimination and micro-aggressions in their day-to-day lives; therefore, to erase this dialogue would be a gross act of silencing a marginalized voice.Like other immigrant and minority ethnic communities, we deserve to be able to share our experiences without outsiders playing devil’s advocate.

After I told the driver my destination, we sat in silence for approximately 10 whole seconds before he asked the inevitable question, “so what kind of Oriental are you then? Lucky for both of us, it wasn’t rush hour quite yet.

No matter how serious your relationship may be with an Asian person — and even if you have lived in Asia at some point in your life — a white person can never understand the experiences of an Asian American.

Negative stereotyping, lack of positive representation, a lifetime of systematic and individual racism – these are things you can only experience as a POC.

When these non-Asian romantic partners use the existence of their significant other or their mixed-race children to establish their authority in arguments and get away with making insensitive remarks, they are reducing their “loved ones” to mere bargaining chips.

While I admittedly question the logic of these Asian men and women who choose to stay in such relationships regardless of the clear lack of respect or even the most basic understanding, it’s not my place or anyone else’s to tell another person who they should date.

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