When updating bios what is important

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The real-mode portion was meant to provide backward compatibility with existing operating systems such as DOS, and therefore was named "CBIOS" (for "Compatibility BIOS"), whereas the "ABIOS" (for "Advanced BIOS") provided new interfaces specifically suited for multitasking operating systems such as OS/2.

In my spare time, I worked to improve overall facilities …The BIOS firmware comes pre-installed on a personal computer's system board, and it is the first software to run when powered on.The name originates from the Basic Input/Output System used in the CP/M operating system in 1975.In the era of DOS, the BIOS provided a hardware abstraction layer for the keyboard, display, and other input/output (I/O) devices that standardized an interface to application programs and the operating system.More recent operating systems do not use the BIOS after loading, instead accessing the hardware components directly.

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