What its like dating a musician

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In fact, you can even get VIP passes for concerts of other musicians because of dating their friend! You get to meet other musicians who are part of your partner’s inner circle.This is probably one of the biggest perks as you get to hang out with other musicians like they are your buddies.

You can also meet their partners and form a partner’s club sort of so that you get to be a part of an even larger group and plan your travels together for performances. You will come home after a long day and will get to hear a soothing romantic number which will sweep you off your feet and change your mood instantly.Musicians have muses and you can be a muse for your partner when he or she is writing new songs.It might be about your time together as a couple or a romantic gesture you did for them that might just get converted into a song which you can hear whenever you want to. Music artists have a passion for life and live on the edge.There’s an art to being around enough to show you’re going out with someone and not in a mad Nancy Spungen, Courtney Love possessive kind of way, and it’s an art you never really master without at some point crying in the toilets while someone else bangs on the door and says “Nothing’s going on, I promise!”There are only so many times you can share their gigs as Facebook events and subtly play their music for friends before you realise it’s a bit much, now.

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