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In early February we agreed with Pensthorpe to swap one of the males for a female which we hope will breed with the remaining Kelling Heath male.As the female was new to the enclosure we needed to keep them separated for a few days so the female was able to acclimatise to her new surroundings.We have been actively hunting a new male red but just as females were scarce just a few years ago there is now a desperate shortage of male reds.We are endeavouring to source a new male but it looks like we will be too late for breeding this year.Our resident male is now 8 years old which in squirrel years is quite old and sadly he may now no longer be able to reproduce.We are in discussions with the East Anglian Red Squirrel group to bring in a new male, but there is a shortage of them in the country.

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In mid-November one of the female kittens was taken to create a new breeding pair in the Themelthorpe can download an App for a tablet / i Pad or use your mobile phone.===================================================================== Welcome to our website .... As we start 2017 we looked forward to the year ahead with renewed anticipation.We ended 2016 with two male red squirrels in the enclosure.

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