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You are so bad at programming sometimes you wonder why you even bother with it. Stuck, if you will, in a sense which possibly borders on the titular. The clockwork of friendship turns ceaselessly, operating the swing-lever dealies of harassment in perpetuity! You don't think the situation is quite dire enough to go all the way to "RANCOROUS", but you still feel the PESTERCHUM client should reflect your mood change in some way. Ordinarily this ridiculous book would be way too heavy to carry around in any practical way. And now that your cards are packed with glass, you probably don't want to do that again any time soon. Much like the one held hostage briefly by Malkovich's Cyrus "The Virus" while taunting hard-luck protagonist Cameron Poe. You're relieved to have the house to yourself again, if only for a few minutes. You decorated your desktop with some rather handsome WALLPAPER which you made yourself. Your desktop is also littered with various PROGRAMMING PROJECT FILES. Sometimes you feel like you are trapped in this room. You decide to consult with the Colonel's bottomless wisdom. You are not sure you are ready to logjam your other ARTIFACTS beneath it just yet. kind abstrata pizzactrkind batkind rollpinkind plungerkind yoyokind scissorkind peprsprykind chainsawkind crowbarkind broomkind pokerkind icepickkind golfclubkind [hammerkind] jumpropekind shovelkind hatchetkind spoonkind statuekind spatulakind scrwdrvrkind bladekind pistolkind lampkind stungunkind ballkind rakekind plankkind glovekind forkkind canekind curlironkind chainkind knifekind tablelegkind shotgunkind needlekind peprmillkind dumbbellkind hckystckkind vacuumkind mopkind trophykind fncysntakind ladlekind cordkind ironkind sawkind cleaverkind iceskatekind wrenchkind umbrellakind plungerkind hosekind bookkind bustkind spadekind pipekind nailgunkind hairdyrkind lcrsstckkind thrwstarkind tongskind razorkind fireextkind branchkind bowlgpinkind bombkind woodwindkind staplerkind riflekind sandlstkkind paddlekind bowkind barbwirekind dartkind marblekind plierkind fireworkkind chiselkind aerosolkind shoekind pippetkind fankind brasskind rockkind scythekind Now that you've got some space in your SYLLADEX to work with, you figure you might as well start squandering it immediately. Your SYLLADEX rains devastation on your room from above. According to this NOTE OF AUTHENTICITY, it is the VERY SAME BUNNY. SBURB CLIENT SBURB version 0.0.1 Ⓒ SKAIANET SYSTEMS INCORPORATED. It looks like your DAD is leaving again for more baking supplies.To search for something, hit Ctrl F (or Apple F) and type what you're looking for. If your text is in one of the commands or captions, it'll show up here. Though it was thirteen years ago he was given life, it is only today he will be given a name! Is it even possible to get any more hard boiled than that? The FAKE ARMS are pushed entirely out of the deck!!! In any case, you now feel like you have gathered enough things to get down to business and do some really important stuff. This mission is going to be more difficult than you imagined. As domestic myth of unaccountable origin holds, a home borrows the spirit of the flame for as long as it makes a guest of it, much as the moon takes liberty with the sun's rays. :: tentacle Therapist :: PESTERLOG : -- tentacle Therapist [TT] began pestering ecto Biologist [EB] at -- TT: I understand you have recently come into possession of the beta release of "The Game of the Year", as featured in respectable periodicals such as Game Bro Magazine. The door on the left leads to the KITCHEN, from which the smell of baking wafts -- a powerful aroma which could lift an especially portly hobo off his feet. On the desk is a DECK OF PLAYING CARDS, one of your DAD'S PIPES, the April issue of THE SERIOUS JESTER magazine, and a stray CAPTCHALOGUE CARD. A severe peanut allergy is a terrible affliction to cope with. The peanut gallery over there sure is getting a kick out of it. You go back into the LIVING ROOM and contemplate checking the mailbox outside. Wind skims the voids keeping neighbors apart, as if grazing the hollow of a cut reed, or say, a plundered mailbox. It's the one Desolation plays to keep its instrument in tune. You don't see any mail, but you do see a GREEN PACKAGE. You don't know what you were even thinking with this foolish ruse!!! Cursing your lack of foresight, you return to the BALCONY for the CRUXITE DOWEL you left on the pedestal. You also like to KNIT, and your room is a BIT OF A MESS. The life of the client user depends on it, and if your co-player has activated this device in your environment too, then yours does as well. You were never all that great with data structures and you find the concept puzzling and mildly irritating. You've been meaning to hang another poster there soon. But it's cool, I still got another watch in me, Brotel Rwanda. Or HARLEQUINS, as he is quick to correct anyone who would venture such brazen assumption. Funny is funny, but your DAD sure can be a real cornball. In a home, a FIREPLACE needs a fire, because that's what FIREPLACE is for. In retrospect, upon mulling cinematic tropes regarding ash-filled urns, this outcome was a virtual certainty. A board, splintery fence - a bucket of whitewash perhaps? And what of that tawny gent who puts his lackadaisical lean near the sarsaparilla font? The CAKE forces COLONEL SASSACRE'S TEXT out of your SYLLADEX. Maybe later you'll switch the background image to something hilarious as a prank. Your spare CAPTCHALOGUE CARD is forced out of the SYLLADEX, and consequently integrated with the deck. However, units of BUILD GRIST are a gaming abstraction and do not seem to exist on the physical plane! You enjoy creative writing and are SOMEWHAT SECRETIVE ABOUT IT. It's quite possible that you have already deployed some of these items before reading this.

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