Violin neck replacement scroll graft dating

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This interesting old fiddle carries the repair label of noted maker and restorer Benjamin Patocka, Prague, numbered 7192 and dated 1927.

Most probably, he was responsible for the perfect neck graft, bass bar and peg bushings.

The very one, that ebay seller, violiniada, is a notorious conman, absolutely no chance your violin is genuine coming from him, Your violin might be just barely worth 00 if it sounded great and didn't have that nasty crack in the heel of the neck, Oh, and the bridge looks low, another costly repair needed. It doesn't matter what the seller or the label says the violin is, if you can't find a respected expert to certify it as such, it is not that thing. Even respected experts can disagree, in which case the bigger and/or more recent name wins.

"Peter, I don't even bother with that anymore, since most kinds of photos and paperwork have become so easy to copy or fake.It is the absolute last thing to consider until and unless it has been authenticated.I am guessing that the notorious ebay seller linked above is counting on people assuming otherwise.I am not going to sink so low as to go after his widow for something that I should triple-checked instead of merely double-checking, not that I would have a legal leg to stand on anyway. I do not believe he was trying to cheat me; I believe he made an honest mistake.Two other experts since have said that it is not an Odoardi and not even Italian.

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