Validating event

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Whether the validation succeeds or fails, the Validating event fires immediately upon determining whether the value is valid.Any listener of the event can override the internal outcome of the validation by setting the Is Valid property of the event arguments.When execution retruns from the Validating event, if the Is Valid property is set to false, the Validation Error event is fired.In the case where a validation session could potentially involve more than one control (as is the case when the Validate method is called), the Validating event fires once for each control being validated. Hope this helps Jay "norton" Hi All, I am writing a simple win form which contains a button, when user click the button i want to validate all the other textbox and see if there is anything goes wrong may i know how can i trigger the validating event for all text box? The above code will cause the Validating event for each of your controls to be raised, ensuring that all the controls get validated, before the dialog is closed or the data is saved...

However, you can declare your own Key Down, and attach a handler to the Text Box's Key Down that will raise your own Key Down.thx and regard,s Norton Norton, I got the following tip from "Windows Forms Programming in C#" by Chris Sells, from Addison Wesley. How can something be wrong in a textbox when you use correct the validating event.Within your "Accept" button click handler (the "save" button) process each control that Causes Validation to ensure that they are all valid... (Assuming you are not placing conflicting date in there by the program) It will be executed as that control looses the focus. Cor Phill, Now I understood you, in fact do you want to check if they are not empty?For a more detailed introduction to HTML5 form validation you can find some great articles linked under References below.In this article we intend to present only a number of simple examples to get you started, covering the basic form elements.

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