Utorrent tracker updating

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So here is a list of public and working torrent trackers.

That helps you to increase your torrent download speeds. If your are downloading any copyright content like movies and music or need to use Torrent anonymously use VPN to download Torrents anonymously.

For adding Trackers to an Android we require some applications; like Libre Torrent, Flud, which allows the functionality of adding trackers to a torrent client.

Case 1: Torrent download speed depends on your seeds and peers.

Private Torrent Trackers features uploading and downloading limit beyond which the user cannot use these trackers.

Being open to all, the Public Torrent Trackers are slower as compared to Private Torrent Trackers.

Trackers will always keep a complete record of the torrent like the number of leeches, seeds, peers, size, files that are in the torrent, and a number of downloads.

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As these types of trackers are open to all, no registration or invitation is required. To use these types of trackers, one must register or use it via private invitation links.

The more the number of seeds for a file, the faster it gets downloaded.

But sometimes the file you have selected for downloading might have less number of seeds; which makes downloading very tiresome.

These two case will be the primary reason for your torrent file to get download at low speed and also remember if your normal download speed is around 1 Mbps or 2 Mbps then there is no way to increase then what your ISP has given to you.

If you have to increase more from what they normal speed has to be provided by ISP they only way to do is to change your internet plan.

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