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Then from the app, you can able only to view the active, inactive, completed and the downloading files in just a single click.

The Utorrent Mac Download application designed with some better organization system, where you can use some custom labels for grouping your files according to the user-definable criteria.

Version: 1.8.7 Build 43796 Categories: Utilities Languages: Many Languages File size: 2.40 MB are listed below Downloading: The u Torrent for Mac Free Download application that allows you to download all sort of torrent files easily and rapidly, with that from the app you can able to get all torrent files instantly.

Interface: The u Torrent Mac download app designed with most simple and intuitive interface and the app that helps you to load all your torrent files, where you can add the torrent addresses and the RSS feeds with easy.

I don't know if that can be done with u Torrent, though... I've also use IRSSI with rutorrent/rtorrent on majority of my non-chinese trackers.

However problem is with the chinese trackers like chdbits which does not have IRC and the only way to auto download is via their unreliable RSS feed.

Multiple Files: Here by using this u Torrent for Mac app you can able to download the multiple files simultaneously, with that you can able to preview all the downloads.

Using very low intervals puts extra load on the servers.

If you need speed, consider an IRC autodownload script - it can add torrents to your client the second they hit the tracker with negligible overhead.

In the u Torrent Mac app, you cannot be able to move the items up and down in the queue, the app that can able to change the labels or priority with that you can able to change the bandwidth allocation to high to low or normal.

Here the application that allows you to set the upload and the download speed limit.

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