Usher and chilli dating

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Unfortunately, the rumor mill hasn't slowed down one bit.According to reported that he was sued for having sex with a woman without telling her that he allegedly carried the incurable herpes virus.In the end, the court ruled that Usher would maintain primary custody of the children, though he appeared to feel bad about the outcome.It's safe to say there was some animosity between Usher and Foster after their separation—divorces tend to do that, but Usher took it a step further than most ex-husbands when he appeared on Oprah Winfrey's ).While Usher reportedly canceled one of his shows to be by her side, divorcing his wife so soon after she gave birth to his child Usher and Foster's legal separation may have been finalized in 2009, but they continued to battle it out in court over custody of their children.While Usher had been granted primary custody of their two sons, Foster later called for an emergency hearing in an attempt to win back custody of her children after their eldest son nearly drowned at Usher's home.While Usher was expected to make an appearance at One Love Manchester—the fundraising event to help victims of the Manchester terrorist attack at a May 2017 Ariana Grande concert—he never showed up, leaving fans more than a little confused.

He says he didn't cheat on her—emotionally, that is. I was faithful at heart, but not faithful all the way," he explained.But the woman, whose identity has remained private, claimed she soon realized she'd contracted an STD.She reportedly woke up one day "feeling very sick" with a "fever of 100 degrees, chills, headache, and aches and pains." Noticing "lesions and blisters in her vagina," she visited a doctor, who diagnosed her with herpes.After having two children together, Usher, who reportedly hadn't been living with Foster for some time, filed for divorce in 2009—less than a year after their second child was born.As if that weren't bad enough, Foster had recently experienced a huge health scare just months earlier.

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