Updating to build

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To associate a build result with a particular commit, you need to See Updating Build Results for more about states.Note that the request doesn't specify a repository.The advanced update options show that the fast ring is selected. Thus far I have had no problems with this build other then the my need for a dark theme (just me). Asus F550L Windows 10 Build 10656 Core i5-4210U 4GB 4GB RAM HDD 1TB Bought in Sept 2014 ...Could I just copy the $WINDOWS.~BT directory from my desktop and then run the setup? In the past, I have just started with the root folder C:\ and searched for *immediately before or after the upgrade. And make sure to have show hidden files/folders turned on.

These could be a unit test build, an integration test build and a database matrix build (for example).These preview builds are regularly upgraded to new builds via Windows Update but several users who are using Windows 10 Insider Preview build have reported problems while downloading the new builds.They can't see new preview builds in Windows Update.The examples below use c URL, a cross-platform command-line utility for transferring data over a variety of protocols.In real life you can use any programming language or tool capable of making an HTTP request to integrate with the build integration API.

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