Updating the fru and sensor data recovery

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You can pick a specific partition to scan, or even a folder, another nice time saver.

There’s also an option under “other locations” called “can’t find drive.” Using this, you can recover data from RAW partitions with relative ease.

Features not offered include both server and RAID storage recovery, however, Piriform offers these if it’s important to you.

Read our Piriform Recuva Pro review for more on this.

Here’s a brief overview of the primary features of Stellar Data Recovery Professional.

We highlighted this software package because it offers RAW partition recovery, an important feature for any data recovery software.

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The cost for Data Recovery isn’t cheap but are in line with other top solutions like Ease US (read our Ease US Date Recovery Wizard review) and Prosoft (Prosoft Engineering Data Rescue review).This should let you pick and scan deleted or otherwise lost partitions so long as they haven’t been overwritten with new data.Whether you select a lettered drive, specific folder or a lost partition, once you hit “scan,” Data Recovery Professional automatically initiates a quick scan, first.Whether you’re running the initial quick scan or have moved on to a deep scan, Data Recovery Pro provides on-screen data to let you know how much of the scan has been completed, how much time has elapsed and how much more time the scan should take.We appreciated having all three options, which you won’t get with most other software. Viewing by the deleted list option segments content into a “recycle bin” folder and a “raw data” folder.

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