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The results can be written to a new attribute field, a virtual field, or they can be used to update values in an existing field.

The field calculator is available on any layer that supports edit.

The table can be sorted by any column, by clicking on the column header.

A small arrow indicates the sort order (downward pointing means descending values from the top row down, upward pointing means ascending values from the top row down).

For example, if you choose a field length of 10 and a field precision of 3, it means you have 6 digits before the dot, then the dot and another 3 digits for the precision.

Rows can be selected by clicking on the row number on the left side of the row.

Multiple rows can be marked by holding the key and clicking on several row headers on the left side of the rows.

Click a value in the left panel to display the feature’s attributes in the right one.

To select a feature, you need to click inside the square symbol at the left of the identifier. Like in the table view, you can perform multiple feature selection using the keyboard combinations previously exposed.

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