Updating the database using dataset and dataadapter

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Fill(ds Development,"Companies"); if (ds Production. Peter -- Co-founder, developer portal: Blog: wrote: Hi, I have a situation in where i have two instances of SQL server, the first is our Production Environment, the second is our Development environment.Open(); Sql Connection cn Development SQL = new Sql Connection("Data Source=SQLSVR02; Integrated Security=SSPI; Initial Catalog=Master"); cn Development SQL. i'm rather new in this area so i'm trying to understand what you are saying.So, define your command object: Dim Sql Update Command1 As New System. Than bind datagrid with datagrid from properties Than fill dataset on form load Private Sub View_All_Load(By Val sender As System. Hi, I have a situation in where i have two instances of SQL server, the first is our Production Environment, the second is our Development environment.Example when the user filled the dataset it had 4 records, well the user deleted a record so now there is only 3 records. What I would do, is I would simply us some sort of ID (key) in your database to specify specific rows. Don't forget that updating and deleting requires you to have a primary key set on your table.

Fill(ds Production,"Companies"); String str Development SQL = "SELECT * FROM [Global].[dbo].[Companies] WHERE Company ID ='" str SQLDest Database "'"; Sql Data Adapter da Development = new Sql Data Adapter(str Development SQL, cn Development SQL); Data Set ds Development = new Data Set(); da Development. Each row in a Data Table has A Row State property that changes ONLY when the actual **row in the Data Table** is changed.

If you can afford the software it is really an outstanding development environment (says the old hand jammer who's converted). each command object must be configured with the commandtext, etc. Fill(Data Set11, "Filing_Book") Catch End Try End Sub Private Sub Button1_Click(By Val sender As System. Here is the sample ============ private Sql Command Candidate Delete Command() private Sql Command Candidate Insert Command() private Sql Command Candidate Select Command() private Sql Command Candidate Update Command() _delete Sql Command. im a beginner in vs.net, just want to ask help from u guys can i do search facility in my program?

this way your adapter knows how to interact with your database. Sql Command Set it's command text (SQL): Dim Sql Text As String = "UPDATE authors SET au_id = @au_id, au_lname = @au_lname, au_fname = @au_fname WHERE (au_id = @Original_au_id);" & _ "SELECT au_id, au_lname, au_fname FROM authors WHERE (au_id = @au_id)" Me. Comma first drag drop dataadapter and generate dataset. ex serach specific employee so i hace txtbox where the user type employee last name, then press serach button, if employee name is valid it will display the info in grid.

Both servers contain the same databases but I need to write a utility that can transfer a row of data from the Production to the Development servers.

I wrote the code below, which doesn't error..it doesn't work..data is updated.

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