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As online games now change so frequently, it could be pretty refreshing to see what the game looked like in its early days.It should make for a great nostalgia trip for veteran players - like jumping into a time machine and finding everyone's a cartoon trying to kill you.It seems modder XYK had other ideas, however, as the TF2008 Discord server has now been deleted.Well, sort of - it's called "Burger" and all the previous comments have been replaced with pictures of food.

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The email did not rule out the possibility of the mod returning once the modder had sufficiently demonstrated the code used was not leaked.You can sue someone even if you never specifically said "no", even if you don't do anything copyright defaults to all rights reserved. The author has to specifically say yes, with some exceptions, like fair use, that don't apply here. Worst of all, the experiments have rendered him nearly invisible to the human eye. The Hidden So we’ve had a sudden influx of players (hello, welcome, please join the forum and play nicely) because of appearing on youtube thanks to some guys that people know.I love Emoniph's Witchery mod, and wanted to see if I could update it to the newer version of minecraft.(probably involving rewriting the whole thing)Is this considered an OK thing to do? PS: Emoniph, if you ever read this, I'd just like to say thank you for making this amazing mod in the first place Immoral, sure, depends on your grasp of morality.

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