Updating source code on a working bind server linux

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If you do that, goto the “Shared Drives” setting and enable it.We still need to install Docker and Docker Compose inside of WSL because it’ll give us access to both CLI apps. The following instructions are for Ubuntu 18.04, but if you happen to use a different WSL distribution, you can follow Docker’s installation guide for your distro from Docker’s installation docs.

This is going to allow your local WSL instance to connect locally to the Docker daemon running within Docker for Windows.If you’re wondering , that’s due to a bug with running Docker or Docker Compose interactively in that environment.The TL; DR is you can’t run anything in the foreground with interactive mode, which makes it unusable for real web development.It provides a number of tools for securely accessing and managing remote computer systems, and managing authentications keys, such as ssh (a secure replacement for telnet), scp, sftp (secure replacement for ftp), ssh-keygen, ssh-copy-id, ssh-add, and more.Recently Open SSH 8.0 was released and ships in with many new features and bug fixes; you can read the release notes for more information.

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