Updating roster madden 10 ps2

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The developers were claiming that gamers would be able to Gameplan for their upcoming opponent by setting up which plays to run in any given situation -- exactly how real NFL coaches do it.

The system also had the potential to make full-length, 15-minute-quarter games more playable and practical, since the combination of the Accelerated Clock and Game Flow means that all the time spent between plays is now simulated.

When the Game Flow system asks you if you want to kick a field goal on fourth down, it also doesn’t bother to show you the wind direction or distance of the kick, which are both incredibly useful pieces of information to have at your disposal when deciding whether to send your kicker onto the field.

Additionally, despite there being a "Run out the Clock" situation on offense, I have yet to see it be implemented in a game.

Offensive Gameplans are fairly well designed, with every major situation represented.

And yes, that does mean that the general Gameplan for that team is overwritten. The fact that this new feature is completely ignored by the game’s most commonly-played Game Mode, is just one more argument to support that Game Flow is nothing more than a gimmick, rather than a genuine, game-changing feature.

Basing your defense on the opponent’s offense IS what most coaches do, but there are some times when you really need to override that defensive scheme.

For example, if you are losing the game by 2 possessions in the fourth quarter, you need to start playing a more aggressive defense to try and force your opponent to make a mistake. So if all your Gameplanned defensive plays are conservative plays, you’re stuck with them.

Inside of Two Minutes is the time of the game where simulating the time it takes to Huddle is MOST APPROPRIATE!

Just like in this year’s (but for slightly different reasons), running the No Huddle actually consumes MORE TIME than huddling up.

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