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For more information, visit Changes to the National Quality Framework on the ACECQA website.

So, your organization has finally decided to double the number of Linux workstations in your cluster. Old habits die hard, and your organization will probably continue trying to submit most of its jobs to the old computers.

The streamlining of the NQS has minimised conceptual overlap and duplication, resulting in a reduction from 18 to 15 standards and 58 to 40 elements while retaining the current features that promote quality.

Key concepts The concepts will support services to collaborate to identify strengths and opportunities for quality improvement, including engaging families and others in the community (such as local schools) in the process.

For the first time, the NQS introduces key concepts for each element and standard to help support the children’s education and care sector unpack the central ideas.

This month on We Hear You, we look at these key concepts and the important role they play in continuous quality improvement.

I also need to perform and UPDATE as a separate function.The concepts also provide a bridge between the current and revised NQS.The revised NQS retains the seven quality areas, with a small change to the title of Quality Area 7 to Governance and Leadership.It's simpler just to send the job and get on with the rest of the day's work, especially if it's a quick and dirty job and there are lots of computers.The result, however, is slower overall performance and wasted resources.

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