Updating netbeans from 5 0 to 5 5

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Net Beans does not replace a driver if one is already in place.If you need a driver that Net Beans does have a copy of then Step 1b is your only choice.Any code in your web application will not work and all you will likely see are blank pages. As of this writing Net Beans contains version 5.1.23 of the connector but the current version is 5.1.34.If you copy a driver into the lib folder then Net Beans will not replace it with an older driver even if the check box on the Server dialog is checked.

If you have not already started your My SQL DBMS then do that now.

Step 2: Create a Database Connection in Net Beans One feature I have always liked in Net Beans is that it has an interface for working with databases.

All that is required is that you create a connection to the database.

Start Net Beans and go to the Services tab, expand Servers and right mouse click on your Glass Fish Server. Net Beans determines the driver to copy to Glass Fish from the file that we will create in Step 4 of this tutorial.

Click on Properties and the Servers dialog will appear. Without this file and if you have not copied the driver into Glass Fish manually then Glass Fish will not be able to connect to the database. The reason I prefer this approach is that I can be certain that the most recent driver is in use.

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