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The Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said that the only constant is change.Today, new roads are being constructed throughout the world on a daily basis.Click "Continue" to activate the maps, and click "Finish" when you are notified that the activation has been completed.Click the "My Maps" link in the left-hand column of the Nav Desk window.Visit au, which is listed in the Resources section below, and click the "Downloadable Mapping" link.Choose the model of GPS you have, and select the country for which you want to download the maps. After downloading the maps, save the files to "Documents/My Maps." Navigate back to your Nav Desk application and click the "My Maps" link, located in the left column of the window.Navigate to the "Start" menu on your computer, followed by "All Programs" and then double-click the Nav Desk icon to open your Nav Desk software.Download any updates at this point if you are prompted to do so.

I am trying to download some Europe maps but having problems finding one of the links that are still live. I had noticed it before but when i copy and paste the "magnet" address into the browser it goes nowhere. Sorry to be dim :-) : no spaces before or after, nor in the magnet link - it always must be a full text without spaces, some forum software adds spaces in between on posting the magnet) - open µtorrent - goto menu - file - add torrent from URL, if all is well, magnet is already there, else paste - wait a minute for µtorrent to gather all information - see what is included in the download, enable/disable the files you (not) want and click O. - downloading - when done, keep sharing for a while, so others can download and share on Thanks Nabi for your reply.

I had already goggle your first suggestion Bitorrent and seem to be downloading at present.

It is great to have your explanation to fall back upon if it goes pear shaped. I managed to transfer the IGO8 software and new map files etc onto SD card on the Navman S80 Satnav.

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