Updating multiple columns in sql

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Assuming New Resposible is a number you won't Are you sure the Where Criteria is on Application and not Application ID.

If Application Assuming it's a text field and you will need the single quotes.

Only records that satisfy the expression are updated.

But there is error message saying 'Object doesn't support this property or method " Any idea why????

Then on the right of them in an independent column put the commas as designed Then you will have to copy your values into the middle column each time then just paste then and run I do not know an easier solution update T1 set T1.

Otherwise the Help doesn't mention the multiple fields but give the general info.

The WHERE clause specifies which record(s) that should be updated.

The UPDATE SET commands implicitly apply on the table specified by , and it is not possible to specify the table on the SET operation.

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Visit Stack Exchange Database Administrators Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for database professionals who wish to improve their database skills and learn from others in the community. Sign up to join this community CREATE TABLE one ( record_id SERIAL, one_first_var INTEGER, one_second_var INTEGER, one_third_var INTEGER ); INSERT INTO one (one_first_var, one_second_var, one_third_var) VALUES (1, 1, 1); INSERT INTO one (one_first_var, one_second_var, one_third_var) VALUES (2, 2, 2); INSERT INTO one (one_first_var, one_second_var, one_third_var) VALUES (3, 3, 3); CREATE TABLE two ( record_id SERIAL, two_first_var INTEGER, two_second_var INTEGER, two_third_var INTEGER ); INSERT INTO two (two_first_var, two_second_var, two_third_var) VALUES (21, 21, 21); INSERT INTO two (two_first_var, two_second_var, two_third_var) VALUES (22, 22, 22); INSERT INTO two (two_first_var, two_second_var, two_third_var) VALUES (23, 23, 23); WITH my_values AS ( SELECT one_first_var, one_second_var, one_third_var FROM one WHERE one_first_var = 2 ) UPDATE two SET two_first_var = my_values.one_first_var, two_second_var = my_values.one_second_var, two_third_var = my_values.one_third_var FROM my_values WHERE two_second_var = 22; UPDATE tgt SET Column1 = src.

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