Updating kde suse

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Click that icon and search hundreds of thousands of apps to install.With open SUSE, you won’t find that launcher so up front and center, but the tool is easy to locate and easy to use.NOTES: In some instances (as with the upgrade of any Adobe packages), you may have to accept an End User License Agreement (EULA).There may also be conflict resolution to deal with.However, if you opt to remove packages, from the upgrade list, know that they can impact other upgrades as well.If you’re okay with the list, click Accept and the upgrade will begin.

updating kde suse-86

Regardless of why you are considering a move to the SUSE ecosystem (be it through SUSE or open SUSE), it’s best you know the tools of the trade before you make the leap.

Now we get into something that may be a bit more challenging to newcomers. Software repositories are simply online locations that house packages for installation.

The open SUSE platform has its own, official, repositories and many other applications have their own.

I’m going to be working with the latest release of open SUSE (13.2) and the KDE desktop.

If you’ve opted for the GNOME desktop environment, this will not change Ya ST (only how you get to Ya ST2).

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