Updating galciv2 without serial code 2 03

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AI more effective in strategic conquest planning AI more likely to ally together Some AI players will focus more on government techs and diplomacy techs More work on improving AI's planetary improvement handling (it is not designed to be "perfect" but rather "good").

Fix to bug that would cause AI to build an unlimited # of morale or influence improvements on a planet.

added code to create a mod description xml and read it in fixed some hardcoded text fixed crash in Assasinate Leader random event made it so that the category strings can be translated by making the category string in the GC2file the fieldname for a string in the string table SDesign Wnd.

made anomalies tooltip use the description from instead of their name added ignore flag to raceconfig so that you can disable races; ignored races cannot be selected on Race Wnd or Opponent Wnd tweaked code in Font Manager that calculates the character widths so text should display a bit better for both English and foreign languages Mods Directory Browse Dialog fixed crash with bad trade route fixed bug reading in invasion tactics made info icons save their parsed definitions so that they'll come up faster fixed 2 string not found in invasions changed it so that you can't set relations higher than friendly on the opponentwnd in a metaverse game changed Get Distance In Tiles to round down when using the Euclidean heuristic so that partial tiles in the starbase ZOC will count fixed bug where unknown minor race could steal techs for you but you couldn't see them on the minor race screen because you hadn't met them.

Added GNN notifications and dropdown icons for the following events: 1) A civ declares war on another civ 2) A civ makes peace with another civ 3) A civ surrenders to another civ Left-clicking the drop down icon will speak to the main civ involved (For war and peace, it's the one who initiated it (or the other civ if you initiated it).

For surrender, it's who they surrendered to (or the icon is removed if they surrender to you). Planet screen now shows max possible population Planet screen now updates its data as buildings are destroyed Fixed bug in the turn event log save code Wormholes now have a light-yellow tactical icon to differentiate them from normal anomalies You can now use the T button on the keyboard to set a planet rally point from the planet management and planet details screen You can now use the T button on the keyboard to set a rally point for selected colony in the Civ Manager colony list Foreign Treaties window: Race logos now have tooltips which display the race name Removed debug info from frame cache Implemented shield on colony list to indicate defended colonies Fixed sorting by net income in colony list Implemented 'Ship Graphic Frame Sharing' system (increased performance, memory savings).

Ship Details Wnd: Upgrade Btn Hooked Up - can now upgrade from the details window!!!For example: Ships in orbit, improvement summary list, etc Fixed bug where fleet hit points would display show correct amount of hit points (It would add an extra bonus for HP) Fixed bug where troops from information warfare would be added onto transports at the end of a battle if they were the only casualties of the invasion.New Combat System: 1 on 1 Ship Battles: If both sides kill each other in the same round, the ship with the most max hp will escape as the winner with 1 hp. New Combat System: Fleet Battles: If both sides kill off the attacking ships in the same round, the last attacking ship on each side is compared for max HP. If they both have the same max HP, the attacker wins.Battle System: Ties go to attacker (as discussed at the meeting) Combat Viewer: Ships have their frames cloned so they can scale correctly for the battle Colony Manager: Population is now displayed with 1 decimal place instead of 3 ( to allow more room on the screen for other things ) Changed the way ship frame cloning works so it is more efficient (major memory saver!) Fixed bug in frame sharing where mini-freighters and normal freighters would not be the correct size Fixed a bug where only the first starbase of a type that was built would animate, others would not animate unless the first one was on screen.

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