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(6) IRM and (6) revised to include update to CCP contact information.

(7) IRM revised DDIA purpose statement.

updating form 10 1 5 10 2-16

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Financial statements of the acquirer are not required in the proxy statement unless they are material to an informed voting decision (e.g., acquirer financing is not assured) [Instruction 2(a) to Item 14 of Schedule 14A], since shareholders are presumed to have access to information about their company.

Users who have opted for automatic OS X system updates will download and install the update automatically, receiving a notification alert when the Mac is ready to reboot to complete the installation of 10.10.1.

Back to Table of Contents This topic describes the type and age of financial statements and schedules a registrant (or predecessor of the registrant) must include in registration and proxy statements and periodic reports.

(12) Editorial changes were made throughout this IRM to clarify language and/or update references, titles, and websites addresses.

This material supersedes IRM 5.14.10, dated January 22, 2015.

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