Updating facebook via email

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Progress Reporting emails are either sent automatically (according to set system settings) or may be sent manually from a selected work item.

Before Progress Reporting can be implemented system settings must be configured.

Following are several reasons why it may happen: If progress reporting from a task is sent manually, then the user can only view their active tasks and not upcoming tasks.

Using the Project Mail function, you can update your progress on the work items without actually having to log into the system.

Project Mail is the coined termed used by Clarizen to define progress reporting which enables you and team members to update the progress of tasks via email.

If they start adding (internal) notes this may be a problem.

These will be customizable in the future, but you cannot remove notes at the moment.

For example if you entered remaining effort 10 days, the due date for that specific task is adjusted accordingly.

If there is more than one resource assigned on a task, then all resources are sent a Progress Report.

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