Updating boot support partitions for the volume as

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Since a broken EFI partition may prevent a Mac from starting up properly it can be a challenge to repair.

There are options to attempt to manually rebuild, create, or repair the EFI partition, typically with fsck, diskutil, and third party tools like got frisk.

Though it is an unusual occurrence, a Mac may encounter a broken or damaged EFI partition which typically prevents the Mac from booting and the Mac OS system software from loading.Further, try Mac external hard drive recovery software as a last resort.You can try copy and paste all files from the corrupt external or internal hard drive to another destination.But if the external hard drive is beyond the repair scope of the Disk Utility, then it could be possible that the directory structure of the drive is corrupt severely.Don’t panic, the below 3 activities could be performed when Disk Utility fails to repair an external hard drive.

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